Dental & Vision

Dental and vision health are a direct contributor to overall health. Unfortunately, bearing the full burden of cost for these services cause many to avoid routine checkups and cleanings.

Redline Health is partnered with the top dental and vision carriers in Arkansas and Oklahoma to ensure you receive the care you deserve. From Delta Dental and Arknasas Blue Cross and Blue Shield comprehensive plans, to stand alone dental or vision, and even discount plan from Careington, we have a solution to protect you.

Check out our offerings below, and let us know how we can help!



Dental Plans

Dental health is a direct contributor to your overall health. Let Redline Health assist you in finding the stand alone dental or dental-vision comprehensive plan that will keep you looking (and feeling) your best for years to come.

Vision Plans

Your sight is precious. Keep it in focus with vision plans offered through Redline Health.

Discount Plans

Discount plans from Careington offer a different approach to your dental and vision needs. With these plans you get access to negotiated discount rates with providers across the country. Find out more.