Group Benefits

In today’s world, employers need all the help they can get to retain talented employees. Health benefits have always been a deciding factor and continue to be so now.

Redline Health is a full service health insurance brokerage, offering group benefits from the top trusted carriers in Arkansas. Why leave your employee with the burden to find their own health coverage? Our licensed agents can offer group plans with as little as two people. No matter the size of your organization, we have a solution for you!

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Fully Insured Major Medical

Fully insured major medical is what most small businesses typically think of when they speak about insurance. Fully insured plans are underwritten by a major carrier and assume the entire risk of insurance for covered benefits. This type of major medical is best for groups ranging in size from 2-50. Contact one of our agents for more information about fully insured plans!

Self-Insured Major Medical

Self-insured medical plans are just that, self-insured. Here, an employer partners up with a major carrier to offer an insurance plan to its employees where the company assumes the responsibility for all medical costs and claims. While this does incur additional risk to the employer, if structured appropriately, it can result in significant savings. This type of insurance arrangement is best suited for groups with at least 25 employees, but it can work with less. Contact one of our licensed group agents to determine if a self-insured plan is right for you!

Specialized Limited Benefit Plans

If the costs of a fully-insured or self-insured major medical plan are too much to bear, a limited benefit plan through Redline Health may be the solution for you. Limited benefit plans offer a specified amount for each particular benefit, providing at least some level of coverage. While not ideal for those needing a complete plan with major medical protection, those wanting coverage for more routine health care needs can find significant savings, from 20-40%* over a major medical plan. To learn more about Redline Health’s specialized offering, contact an agent today!

*Plan savings will vary depending on your specific needs, and are in no way a guarantee of lower premiums.

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