Individual Health


Looking for health care coverage for you and your family? Look no further than Redline Health!

Redline Health has licensed agents that can guide you through any health care need, from AR Works to Off-Exchange plans and everything in between. We write for all major carriers, so you always have an option.

Can you shop online for your health care? Yes, you can get a good idea of the plans and pricing online; honestly, it’s all pretty standard, but the consultation from a trusted adviser can make all the difference in your family’s satisfaction with your health coverage.

Whether your health plan goes through the federal Marketplace or not, Redline Health is here to make your buying process easier. Contact us today to get the health coverage you deserve!



Marketplace Plans

Marketplace plans, along with Arkansas Works coverage, are subsidized health care plans. These plans are offered through federal or state exchanges and allow the end consumer to purchase tax-assisted health care.

Off-Exchange Plans

Off-Exchange Health Care Plans are those offered directly from the carrier but without the tax credit available through the Marketplace. Most individuals over the income guidelines for a tax credit will be in this category for their health coverage.

Alternative Plans

Non-ACA Compliant plans offer coverage at a lower total cost than off-exchange health plans by reducing some of the benefits you would otherwise be paying for. Check out some of our limited benefit offerings and find a plan that is right for you!