Alternative Plans

Tired of the ever increasing cost associated with ACA qualified health plans? Do you feel like you are paying for benefits that you neither use or need?

If so, Redline Health has a solution that just might work for you!

Redline Health has partnered with innovative carriers to offer our clients the choices they deserve. Browse some of our offerings or contact on of our licensed agents today to enroll or for more information!



Health ProtectorGuard from UHC

Health ProtectorGuard, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, is a Hospital and Doctor fixed indemnity plan that pays a set benefit for certain medical expenses, the kind that you’re most likely to face during a given year. Product page coming soon!

Fundamental Care Association Plans

Fundamental Care offers multiple Limited Medical Plans from basic, affordable plans to plans covering most non-catastrophic expenses. The association plan from Fundamental Care can provide a 25-40% premium savings versus a major medical plan. Click to learn more or enroll today! 

Short Term Medical

Are you in between coverages or want a short term protection against a catastrophic claim? Redline Health has options for you!