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Educate Yourself

Medicare Education with Redline Health is the first step to your medicare journey.




Getting older has it’s challenges, but your health care decision should not be one of them. See how Redline Health makes Medicare a breeze for you!

Group Benefits

Your health care benefits should not slow you down. Request your consultation today with one of our dedicated group agents and find the right benefits to help move your business forward.

Individual Health

We are all unique and have individual health care needs. Your policy should fit your life and provide the protection you deserve. Check out our full assortment of individual products.


Did you know dental health is a leading indicator of overall health? Redline Health partners with the top dental and vision carriers so you have access to the best providers. 

Life Insurance

Whether it is a new marriage, new job, new house, or a newborn child, you need to protect those that matter most. Life insurance can be a blessing in disguise, right when your loved ones need it the most.

Ancillary Products

In addition to our other offerings, Redline Health offers a wide variety of products to fit your health care needs, including cancer and hospital indemnity policies, accident plans, and much more.

Health Protector Guard

Health Protector Guard from UHC is the first option on the market for non-ACA compliant health coverage. Reach out to our team of licensed agents to find out how this plan can serve you!


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