Empower your team with compliant Medicare education.

Regular HOG Chapter meetings keep members informed on upcoming chapter rides, events, and even dealership deals. Medicare education is the same for your organization. Compliant education offered early, often, and to everyone ensures your employees have the information they need to make health care decisions. Bring Medicare & Motorcycles to your team!

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HR Workshops: Engines of Change

Choosing the right Harley-Davidson® can be crucial to enjoyment on the road. While sporters are neat machines, they lack the bigger motor and comfort features of the touring bikes to be ideal on a cross country trip. Having the right tools will gear you up to be the engine of change in your organization. Attend a workshop today and become the advocate for Medicare education your team needs!

Employee Education: Navigate the Maze

Motor Patrol Officers are masters of the basics (throttle, clutch and friction zone). They obtain this level of control by practicing often. Like the Motor Patrol obstacle course, the Medicare maze can be daunting. With a knowledgeable instructor and repeated practice, you too can navigate the Medicare maze with ease.


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Your Questions Answered

How is Redline Health paid?

Redline Health and agents listed in our directory get paid by the insurance carriers when they write an insurance policy for you. Redline Health also offers consulting services and digital education courses to individual clients and businesses. Any way you decide to work with Redline Health, you are getting digestible, accessible, and compliant Medicare education.

Can you be on Medicare and still work full-time?

Yes, you can work while on Medicare, but making any health care decision is always best with a one-on-one consult. Find a local pro to get your personalized Medicare review.

Can our company or organization really save money by offering education?

While all Redline Health business and enterprise offerings are paid, the savings for the employer and employee far outweigh the cost. The vast majority of employees are better served with Medicare coverage once they are eligible. If that determination is made by the employee (through the compliant and open education you are offering as the employer), a company will see on average $3,000-5,000 per year in reduction of benefit premiums. If only 10 Medicare eligible employees came off of your group plan, your company would potentially see an immediate $30,000-50,000 increase to the bottom line. Is it really ridiculous to consider offering compliant education?

Ready for Medicare & Motorcycles?