Pam Stout

The Medicare & Motorcycles Lady!

Pam Stout - Redline Health

Pam's Bio

Pam Stout is the owner of Redline Health. With nearly 2 decades of experience under her belt, Pam has seen many challenges and struggles with clients in the insurance industry. Her passion is helping make a difference in her clients’ lives by explaining healthcare options in laymen's terms, one individual or company at a time.

Pam enjoys making Medicare as easy to understand as riding a bike (or motorcycle preferably). Engaging with others on a human level and keeping things fun and interesting is why Pam is so renowned across Northwest Arkansas with thousands of clients and organizations.

When Pam was forced to purchase her first insurance plan outside of group benefits, it was scary, and she realized how overwhelming the insurance process can be. This insurance stuff is confusing! At the time, she was not given any education to help her decide on a plan to fit her family’s needs. She was simply told what plan to enroll in. THAT is why Pam decided to get into this business. She wanted it to be better. Better education and better service, while providing people the ability to take control of their healthcare decisions. So here we are.

Between kids, grandkids, work and riding, Pam would say life is a journey. Get out there and enjoy it! And if you are looking to double the fun on any vacation, Pam would agree, two wheels is better than four! Make it count!

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